A1 34 x 24 inch 3 image canvas- £120.00 3 images


Unique 3 image canvas

Why have a ordinary canvas when you can have a Green Avocado unique design. Select 3 images from your portfolio for our designers to weave their magic and create an amazing quality Canvas measuring 34 x 24 inches which is hand finished before posting to an address of your choice. A unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, a Christmas present with a difference.  Got other ideas, look at the bespoke design option at the bottom of the page to create your own piece of emotional artwork.

A1 34 x 24 inch 2 image canvas- £90.00 Two image canvas


2 image Canvas

 People have so many emotions that are unique to them. Select 2 images for our designers to combine on to a beautiful A1 34 x 24 inch Canvas, custom finished and posted to an address of your choice.  A fantastic feature of any room. Have you thought of having Green Avocado for a home visit to capture your entire family and friends and creating a whole range of images to last a life time. Ring 01392 833378 or email amanda@greenavocado.co.uk to discuss a whole range of options

A1 34x24 inch Single image canvas- £61.50 single image


Single image Canvas A1 34 x 24 inches

Create a centre piece for your room with a vibrant colour photo canvas. Select an single image which will be added to a quality canvas, hand finished and posted to a address of your choice. Why not invite Green Avocado for a home visit, dress in your finest or simply dress in all BLACK or WHITE to create stunning photographs of your family. Mount on canvas or in black or white frames. Ring  us on 01392 833387 or email amanda@greenavocado.co.uk to discuss.

Multi image 3 Canvas- £105.00 3 images on a canvas


Multi Image 3 Canvas A2 24 x 16 inches

Yes, go on amaze your children, select 3 images and our designers will create for you a design that will pull on your heart strings. The canvas will be hand finished by our craftsmen boxed and posted to an address of your choice

Multi image 2 canvas- £77.50 2 image canvas


Multi Image 2 canvas  A2 24 x 16 inches

    Choose 2 of your images and our designers will design the layout to create a unique composition. The finished canvas is added to a hand built frame, boxed and posted to   an address of your choice.

Single Image canvas- £52.50 Canvas wrap one image only


Single image canvas A2 24 x 16 inches

    Have your choice of a single photo printed onto canvas. Our photo canvases are custom built and produced using quality mounts and lightfast inks. The A2 size, 24 x 16 inches are ideal in frontrooms, stairs and give your children's bedrooms a touch of individuality. They are boxed and sent to your choice of address

Bespoke Canvas- £0.00 Your own fantastic design


Multi multi multi image Canvas

 Do you want something totally unique, produced on canvas, aluminium, glass, or a graphic on a window, as big as a barn door. In colour or black and white. Your own creation, give us a ring on 01392 833387 or email us at amanda@greenavocado.co.uk to discuss your ideas. We will design your vision and price it up for you. Created by our designers and assembled by our craftsmen before being posted to an address of your choice. Or why not invite Green Avocado for a home visit, invite your family and friends, dress in your finest or wear all black or white. Why not have your photographs mounted in black or white frames to complete that sensational look. Gifts for birthdays anniversaries and Christmas presents. Have we got you thinking!

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