Special Offer Canvas- £30.00 12 inch x 8 inch ( 30 cm x 20 cm ) Canvas


Special Offer Canvas

A 5/6 image canvas ( depending on shape of images selected) ideal for all occasions,  Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day, Easter, a Birthday or a "Thank you day" Select 6 images and leave it to our designer to create a unique layout. Delivery will is 1 to 3 days by Royal Mail postal service after the design has been carried out. Please note we at times will need to crop the images.

6 Multi image Collage- £15.00 6 image 10 x 8


Multi 6 Image  images in a 10 x 8


Select any 6 images of your child,  their best friend, their friendship groups within the class and we will create a unique and lasting memory of their  year in Pre-school or Primary School. The 10 x 8 image  is a snap shot of the days photography we try to make one of the images the focal point and arrange the other images depending upon shape,  portrait or land scape to balance the design. The 10 x 8 inch multi image looks great framed and on ther wall. design dependent upon images selected

Price £15.00

Special Offer Mugs- £11.95 Individually designed mugs


Special Offer Mugs Description

A Happy Birthday mug,  a Happy Easter Mug a Mothers Day Mug, A Fathers Day Mug A Hi Grandad mug or simply" I love you mug" or a "Well Done" for passing your motor cycle test Gran ! mug . You decide. Mugs are 15 oz and a 18 cm x 8 cm banner of 3 to 4 images are added ( perfect number to look spectacular ) Delivery is between 1 to 3 days by Royal Mail. Look below and order from the starting points. Send  an email to chas@greenavocado.co.uk telling us any special points, age of birthday special dad etc, so we can make your mug totally individual.

Happy Birthday Mug- £11.95 Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday !

Select 4 images Send us the email with the special details. Delivery 1 to 3 days by Royal Mail

Happy Mothers/Fathers Day Mug- £11.95 Happy mothers/Dads Day


Happy Mothers/Fathers Day Mug


Select 4 images Then send us an email to chas@greenavocado.co.uk with any special details Deliverey 1 to 3 days

Love You Grand Dad/Nan Mug- £11.95 Grand Dan Nan


Love You Grand Dad/Nan Mug

Select 4 images Then email chas@greenavocado.co.uk with the special details. Delivery 1 to 3 days by Royal mail



Happy Easter Mug- £11.95 Happy Easter Mug


Happy Easter Mug

Select the 4 images Then email us at chas@greenavocado.co.uk with the details. Delivery 1 to 3 days by Royal Mail



Love you lots Mug- £11.95 Love you


Love you Lots Mug

select 4 images then email us at chas@greenavocado.co.uk with any special details. Delivery is 1 to 3 days by Royal Mail



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