SCHOOL PROMS NIGHT using a vast array of experience, the latest technology, image composition and communication skills can ensure that your School Prom will be long remembered and cherished by pupils and staff alike

A professional studio backdrop and lighting (or location) is set up at your event.  Our contemporary white background compliments Dinner Dress. 

  • Our monitors allow students to view their photographs
  • A professional event printer immediately prints 8x6 images for purchase
  • We can print off special prizes to be awarded on the night, most glamorous couple etc….
  • Students pay on the evening for their images

A password protected on-line gallery for all to enjoy and review the evening where students and parents can download or order additional copies after the evening


Pre Pay Option


A Pre Pay option is also available.  This option is very popular with students and parents as it allows them to budget for their children’s evening.

Pre Pay also acts as a confidence booster so that all students are automatically encouraged to enjoy the evening and have their photograph taken.


There are two options:


Option 1


The cost of one photograph per student is priced into the overall cost of the ticket.  So essentially the photograph is free on the evening. 



Option 2


A voucher system, whereby the school pre-purchases vouchers to sell or present to the students. 

For further information, please contact Green Avocado on 01392 833387 or through the website to discuss the finer details and options.