Value Added

Green Avocado supports teachers and schools in their quest to achieve success for all and value added through creative play and educational experience.
With the greater demand for accountability, rising standards and dedication of both staff and pupils, it is vital that successes are recorded and utilized. Green Avocado welcomes the opportunity to offer schools “value added” by making our photographic visits available for use in your school for:

  • Classroom displays, PowerPoint presentations
  • Websites, media coverage
  • Brochures, advertising and sponsorship
  • We can also assist by offering imaginative, creative design and print

Our visits are scrupulously planned, with staff, to coincide with your special events e.g. art, drama, sports etc and will always bear in mind key stage developments and differential between age and ability.


Security on the Green Avocado website is paramount.  Parents will only be given passwords for their relevant areas.  Each visit will be sub-divided into small viewing sections with individual passwords to make viewing and ordering fun, precise and easy. 
All photographers are CRB checked.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us should you have any further queries.

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