A nursery portfolio video

A Home visit/ After school video

You own images - Captured from an iPhone!

Wedding Memories

Green Avocado Nursery / School Visit - Stunning Video Slideshow

Welcome to the most beautiful way to show your child’s memories and bring out the emotion in your photographs. We take all the images in your portfolio, add some music or better still you select your special music and just let us have artist and song title and a few details about your child. We then create a video from one of 50 styles that matches the music and images. We supply as an ISO video ready for your TV/computer and as an MP4 version for your computer/mobile phone/ YouTube etc. A unique and lasting treasure for all your family and a special present at any time of the year. COST £95.00

Video Slideshow From Your Own Pictures (Approx 50)

We all have special photographs sitting there in our cameras, mobile phones and on our computers of our children’s exploits, holidays, weddings and family occassions. Simply send them to us on a DVD or memory stick and let us have that extra special song title and a few details. We then select from one of 50 styles to suit the tempo of your music and style of your pictures. We supply both as an ISO version for your TV and computer and as a MP4 version for your computer and mobile phone. You then have a movie trailer which is unique and customized COST £97.00

Purchase a normal DVD (£75.00) and a Green Avocado school/nursery visit video (£95) as a combined package at the same time. (The usual combined cost £170.00) for only £140.00

Beautiful Videos For:

  • Birthday parties and celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Holidays



  • Merchandise and marketing campaigns
  • Product overview
  • Estate agents, better than a virtual reality tour